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George Lucas 1983 - 2005
A photo essay.

I have encountered a lot of discussion in online forums and through talking with Star Wars fans. What is it that makes the prequels different from the original Star Wars movies? I think I have figured it out.

Remember that great picture of George Lucas surrounded by his creations? The models and puppets designed for the original Star Wars surrounded their proud creator. It was a truly great shot.

I have taken the liberty of updating this famous picture for the 2005 release of Revenge of the Sith. I think this juxtaposition speaks for itself*.



Can you spot all the models and creatures from the original trilogy? Scroll down for the answers!

1983 Photo
  1. The Death Star
  2. Y-Wing Fighter
  3. Mon Calamari Cruiser
  4. Star Destroyer
  5. TIE Interceptor
  6. TIE Fighter
  7. Nebulon B Frigate
  8. Han Solo in Carbonite
  9. AT-AT
  10. Stupid barking dog thing from Jabba's Palace
  11. R2-D2
  12. George Lucas
  13. The Millenium Falcon
  14. Yoda puppet
  15. Imperial Lambda-class shuttle
  16. Gamorrean Guard model
  17. Jabba the Hutt model
  18. AT-ST
  19. X-Wing Fighter
  20. Rebel Blockade Runner
  21. A-Wing
  22. Rancor model


Can you spot all the models and creatures from the prequel trilogy? Scroll down for the answers!

2005 Photo
  1. Dexter Jettster
  2. Republic Cruiser
  3. Sith Infiltrator
  4. Trade Federation Battleship
  5. Anakin Skywalker's Podracer
  6. sandcrawler
  7. X-34 landspeeder
  8. Jar Jar Binks
  9. George Lucas
  10. Flying R2-D2
  11. Geonosian starfighter
  12. Naboo yacht
  13. Slave I
  14. Naboo N-1 Starfighter
  15. ASN-121
  16. Coruscant air taxi
  17. Jedi starfighter
  18. KE-8 Enforcer
  19. dwarf spider droid
  20. dewback
  21. Gian speeder
  22. pit droid

*George Lucas likes to do things on computers now, you see.

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